Who we are…

We’re just a couple of kids from California with our dog Makana, trying to live our dreams…one fun adventure at a time!

Janell, David and Makana Lawrence


2 thoughts on “Who we are…

  1. Hi,
    I am DAN Batson and along with my wife Bonnie Have found your blog. Of interest to me because I saw the picture of your boat. Honey I exclaimed to my wife that is the one the old fellow had in Punta Gorda. I checked back into some old pictures and was surprised.
    Long story short my wife liked the house more than the boat…
    We are both so happy for you and your husband. She’s a good one and I know you will go a long way with her.
    My wife and I were newlyweds when I moved her aboard a Grand Banks trawler. She being from the Midwest and she loved the transition. As life goes and now at seventy five. I Said , Honey how about one more adventure. Yes that is her sitting at the dock. Yes love is forever…We didn’t make for health reasons.
    Again we wish you many sunsets.
    Thank you for letting me share this story
    Dan & Bonnie Batson

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    1. Dearest Dan & Bonnie – Thank you so much for the love & support❣️ We so appreciate it, especially when time is flying by & adventures seem to be in holding patterns, but preparing a boat takes time. Thank you for sharing your story, it touches my heart. Sending healthy, Christmas & Holiday vibes to you & your bride. Cheers & Aloha❣️ Janell

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