Shooting Stars, Solar Eclipse & a Hurricane…oh my!

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other, to feel…this is the purpose of Life.  (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – 2013)

To feel…to feel…

I felt overwhelming love and was inspired to write again.

Two girlfriends married each other and their vows touched my heart.  So thoughtful, so supportive, so loving, so romantic.  Then my husband and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  He has proven to be Adventurous, Brave, Creative and Employed! He has also gifted me Scuba Certification classes.  Last time we flew underwater was in Mexico for our honeymoon. My, my, my…how time has flown.

So here’s a quick Wrap Up!  Our Summer 2017 has been Epic!  Planetary speaking, of course!

Most important, we survived Hurricane Irma, Sept. ’17. We were in the lap of luxury when she hit Florida twice and only had minor damage to our boat/home.  We stayed with friends in a South Florida – House Beautiful magazine ready, hurricane rated condo. We never lost electricity, we watched movies, wet & brave weather nerds, watched bands of rain travel distances, saw crazy winds whip & dance and scary telephone transformer fireworks. We stayed hydrated with plenty-O-tasty beverages and my happy place was pouring Aloha into our rationed provisions in the gorgeous & huge kitchen.  It’s much bigger than my sailboat galley.  Huge shout out and Love to our Hurricane Buddies, thank you again for everything!

Reality bitch slapped us when we got back to our sailboat and dealt with Irma’s Aftermath.  When water left our marina during the storm surge, we leaned over hard and had taken on rain water. Our head (toilet) was broken, David fixed that, we had no electricity, so no A/C or hot food, David fixed our generator. Also our finger dock broke, David made it somewhat safe again.  Our boat got scratched up, but all and all we made it.  Thank you again my love David, for being handy, capable and plain Awesome!

It has been a memorable summer, for sure. August’s Solar Eclipse was cool, we got to partially see that and we’ve been seeing amazing shooting stars.  They look like diamond earrings falling from the sky, amazing.

I was lucky enough to visit family and friends back in California for the month of July.  I got super-sized portions of needed quality time, some down right silliness, foodie foods, strong beverages and ultimate chill time. Kitchen dancing, boating, floating, joking, belly laughs, giggles, the fabulous birthday spoilings and heartfelt blessings were had.  Shout out to my Cali peeps, miss you already.

So we’ve been living aboard now for a year and 3 months and we still love it.  Fur-baby Makana does too!  I love the simplicity.  Time is flying by though, I’m happy we made the change when we did.  We continue to work and work on our boat with our goal of Bahamas…still…out…there.  We’ll get there one day, until then…we make the best of the day, enjoy each other, nurture relationships, smile, keep collecting shells and sunsets, and keep on keeping on!

Sending out a huge Autumn hug to everyone! Cheers to you!  Thanks for your time, care to share this with another dreamer? We’d greatly appreciate it, thanks again.

Sending You Aloha, Share Aloha, Live Aloha…

Janell, David & Makana


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