March, April, May & June

Surviving “Season” in the service industry here in Florida is not easy but what a great learning experience.  My skin is thicker, I’m able to read people better and if they’re gonna sling it, I can sling it right back, with a smile, wit and a sparkle in my eye!  I thank God & Goddess for the wonderful, fun, funny & helpful souls I work with – who step in, step up and make it happen.  I am incredibly grateful for these amazing souls and the special bonds formed.  So here’s a big beautiful “Shout Out” to all those radiant angels!     I do look forward to toasting with you on some island paradise somewhere!

Time keeps flying by and it’s been more months of us working, working, working to work on our 1978 41′ Islander Freeport sailboat.  One of David’s latest project was cleaning our 200 gallon diesel fuel tank.  This required polishing the fuel, multiple very interesting filtration contraptions, the not so distant smell of fuel, the discovery of baffles in the tank and he had to cut a hole in the fuel tank to get up in there to scrub out the sludge, mick-mick and gloop…aye yai yai.  Oh yes, then he had to seal it up properly.

Now of course, in order to get into the fuel tank as David did, he had to cut a larger hole in our floor – this is where he found wood rot.  So the companionway, entry from the cockpit into the boat, had to be rebuilt.  Thinking of our four legged, fur child – Makana, a redesign of the ladder/stairs was created and crafted.  After rounds of stain, seal and sanding, we now have beautiful new stairs Makana can maneuver without the use of a ramp.  Next is more rounds of fiber-glassing and sanding to complete the companionway.  Mmmmmmm, fiber-glassing…probably David’s least favorite task.  I can say this, successful living in a construction zone on a boat only happens with plenty of patience, humor and rum!

We do have some fun, great news.  After crazy episodes with dingy 1, 2 & 3 and outboard motors 1 & 2, we now have a working 10′ dingy with an mighty 25hp motor!  We’ve been able to take her out to explore and play…when it’s not raining cats and dogs, now that it’s hurricane season.  We are are getting closer to taking our big boat, so please keep sending us good vibes and luck as we creep slowly towards our goal of anchoring out nearby and sailing our very own “UnMe”.

Cheers, Aloha and Thank you!  Care to share us?  Please do!

xoxo…Janell, David and Makana


2 thoughts on “March, April, May & June

  1. Love hearing of your adventures and living your experiences vicariously. Living your dreams make life so wonderful. Keep on being your fabulous self!

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