Merry New Year 2017!

Time is flying by.  I can’t believe we’ve been living on our sailboat for 5 months now.  We have found our groove and “UnMe” is home, we live on a boat!  Here’s a recap, the first month was spent taking care of the engine, ridding of rat shit, deep cleaning everything multiple times, inventory and selection what to keep from the previous owners…dive equipment – definitely keeping!  Air conditioning unit needed STAT to survive the ridiculous Florida summer, organize everything, fix radio, register “UnMe” and purchase SeaTow.

Month 2 & 3 focused on finding an affordable marine surveyor, completing the survey for insurance, acquiring marine insurance, patch dingy 1, attending to the bank of 7 batteries (6 house and 1 cranking engine starter), fix the marine refrigerator and freezer, fix the head (bathroom), find carpeting since the floor itself needs to be completely redone, patch dingy 2 since dingy 1 died, fix wiring on solar panels, clean lines (clean rope), mark 450 ft of anchor chain and rode, re-glass (fiberglass) the V birth, rebed and reseal porthole windows, prepare for Hurricane Hermine declassified to a Tropical Storm (buy the big rum) oh and skirt Hurricane Matthew.  27 mph winds on a boat/home was interesting.

Month 4 & 5 we been working our asses off!  I work in the office of our marina  CapeHazeMarina as an admin assistant and waitress at the beautiful Farlowsonthewater .  David is a dock hand with FreedomBoatClub also at our marina. Sweet love that he is, he always seems to be available to lend a hand to our dock neighbors too.  He’s helped out with a/c work, engine installs, timing, electrical hook ups, corroborator rebuilds, gauge wiring, painting boat bottoms, sanding teak and overall solidifying his worth as a very handy man.  Thank you love, you truly are the best!

Now there’s no use living in paradise, if we never get to enjoy it. So maintaining a work/life balance is very important to us.  In between work, we sleep, we party, we enjoy the local area and beaches and we work on our boat with it’s never ending list of projects to be completed before a big trip. David says with his infectious giggle, that he’ll start one project, which will lead to 3 more projects that need to be done before the first project.  As we work towards our goal of the Bahamas in 2017, please do send us love and luck!  We are excited, working hard and so enjoying this festive season!

Thank you for taking the time to check us out, we appreciate it.  Mind sharing?

Mele Kalikimaka and Happy 2017!! Aloha and Cheers!!

Janell, David and Makana Lawrence





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