Month One of Sailboat Life

Life on a boat is a work out!  Climbing, lifting, pushing, pulling, balancing and core engagement.  Then there’s the scrubbing, cleaning, clearing, scraping and painting.  And we’re still in the marina!  As a Salty Sage, Gypsea Soul once said, “No need to join a gym, just buy a sailboat!”  With all this constant, unconscious activity and how much I sweat here in Florida…we have results!  Add the hottest July recorded for the area and we got some Live Action!  Love a good workout disguised as life, besides work outs make me cuss way too much.  I know some would agree with me on that one.

It’s been a month now as liveaboards and everything is coming together.  “Un’Me” has become our home.  We’ve almost cleaned out every crevasse and cubby and we’ve enjoyed making her our own.  I must say, it’s nice to have a king size bed again.  Once you switch up, it’s hard to go queen again. One thing I’m still getting used to is our little boat refrigerator and freezer.  We had a normal sized, trailer refrig and now we’re down to 16″x16″x16″, so there’s a lot of shuffling going on.  On the bright side – we eat fresh, I know exactly what’s in there and we don’t waste.  Funny, I believe our favorite item on the boat presently is our portable a/c unit.  In the scorch of the day, you can find us all huddled around it, elbowing for more room…some how Makana puppy, always wins.  Diligent David got our dingy working, so after registering her, we’ll go explore the local little islands, beaches and sandbars of our Port Charlotte, Florida area.  We did just discover beautiful Boca Grande Beach and fell in love.  Dog friendly, uncrowded with cool, clean and clear Gulf of Mexico waters.  We spent hours finding shells and fossilized shark teeth, watching curious dolphins, manatees and conch shells walk the ocean floor.  No crabs for Makana at this beach, she kept on trying to get the fish swimming around David’s feet.  Highly recommend:  BocaGrandeBeachFL

Dock living Rocks…literally! We love living on the dock with these fine, fun boaters and having a deep-sea fishing charter Captain as your neighbor has its tasty benefits! Some of the best, fish I’ve ever had – was caught just 2 hours ago!  Thank you Captain Steve!  As it would be, dock parties have increased our intake and love for rum.  Most especially toasted coconut rum.  Please if you like good rum, try some of this…chilled…you can thank me later!  SiestaKeyToastedCoconutRum

Life is good, we’re enjoying ourselves.  We’re keeping it simple with our tiny living on a sailboat, walking to work, buying fresh local produce, increasing our water intake and sharing more smiles.  We’re enjoying the little things like shots of chilled rum, tides rocking us to sleep and beautiful art splashed across the sky around dusk….sunsets…I am a collector of them.

Thanks again for joining us today, care to share us with a friend?

Until next time. Thank you, Cheers and Aloha!

Janell, David and Makana Lawrence


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