Returned Reviewed Recharged

After months of being homesick, I bought the spendy ticket for one to the west coast and was immediately relived.  Thank goodness for Facetime, but it been 6 months since I had seen family and I needed to get my fill.  Although I wish hubby David and fur-baby Makana could join, we just couldn’t pull it off.

Crossing three time zones and spacious skies, my seat on the outbound and return flights were truly a window to our beautiful America and all her terrains.  I witnessed perfect white, cotton-ball, cumulus clouds over a dark blue Atlantic, sheet-like stratus clouds thinly stretched over planted plains, square quilt makings in varying colors of green and beige over Oklahoma circle crops, and the snow covered Rockies…wow, I haven’t seen snow in a long time. There were thirsty deserts with ponds of pretty pink bacteria, impressive Hoover Dam, and a very different view of the Grand Canyon from 6 miles (35k feet) high. On the way home, we skirted Tropical Storm Colin, had some turbulents and saw lightning strikes from tall, cumulonimbus clouds to tiny lit cities below.  After a long, full day of travel, west coast to east coast, I made it home to Florida.  By the way, can you tell I’m a severe weather spotter now? Thank you SKYWARN® .

I loved my visit to NorCal.  Spent quality time with family and friends over Memorial Day weekend on Shasta Lake, just as David and I have for the past 15 years.  Quiet coves, rambunctious jet boats, hotties in bikinis, fishing, heart rock hunting, bbqs, day drinking, beautiful cruises, happy jug shots, laughter, reconnecting, floating, joking…exactly what I needed, just as I remembered and getting my fill.  I’m sending out a huge shout out to my girlfriends right now.  From freshly made friendships, to those nurtured for many many moons, know I am refreshed and refueled by you…thank you, thank you, thank you.

What’s interesting about my visit, is that although I loved doing what we had for years, I still craved the new and the undiscovered.  This visit filled the heart pockets I was missing on, but there was still something missing. This confirmed to me again, that we made the right decision for us, by moving east and charting our new course.  It’s been nearly a year now since we left Cali, there’s been challenges and bliss.  We’re still exploring, discovering and loving every second of it.

Speaking of exploring…Hobe Sound, FL has been our home now for five months and still no boat.  No bites after blanketing the area with my resume for full time work and the restaurant I work at is closing for the summer season…so we’re headed north!  We have new land to discover!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”      Henry D. Thoreau

From Palm Beach to Georgia, to the Carolinas, if y’all have any great places or parks we should check out, best cheap food, perfect places to watch the sunset, great dive bars, or any cool people we should meet…please let us know!

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Aloha, Cheers and Saluti!

Janell, David and Makana Lawrence

PS…This perfect sunset is the view of my sister’s home in Redding, CA and Mom’s favorite!



4 thoughts on “Returned Reviewed Recharged

  1. I am so happy to read that you had the opportunity to visit your family. I have been wanting to get in touch with you because so much has happened here. In March I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to let you know because I know you are a survivor. I had surgery on May 6, 2016 at MD Anderson in Houston. It was noninvasive and they removed all of it and did reconstruction all at the same time. We previously thought I would have to do radiation, but after the surgery they decided it was not necessary. Yay! All during this time my mother was very ill and she passed away on June 23. My sisters and I are going to sell her home and car and once everything is done with her belongings, Ray and I are going to sell our home and most of our belongings. Last July we purchased a motorhome and we are going to live in our motorhome full time and travel. We have been planning to travel since we bought the motorhome but life happens! So we didn’t tell anyone until the time was right, after my surgery. Hopefully we will get on the road in late fall/early winter and our first trip will be to the Florida Keys. Maybe we will be able to meet The two of you again! Wouldn’t that be great! We are starting our big adventure late in life but at least we are doing it! The two of you have been a big inspiration to us!

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    1. I am so happy to hear you are cancer-free and doing well, you beautiful Survivor Sister! I’m sorry to hear about your Mom too. Wow, you both have had a lot going on, my goodness. I am sending you a big hug, ease in settling matters, a huge thank you for keeping in touch and best of all – a massive cheers on your upcoming wonderful adventures!


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